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Website Storefront

The age of simple desktop websites, in a short period of time, is long gone. With the advent of mobile devices, responsive websites featuring ,media-rich content and user-friendly access to all areas, from the product, service, information and contact is critical. Websites need to be easily viewed on all platforms, desktops, tablets and smart phones to capture viewers attention. Just because it was built, doesn't mean online users will come. This is just the first step.

Online Exposure

With the millions of websites now online, competition for web visitors is as fierce as ever. SEO and SEM are no longer the only avenue to capture the attention of internet visitors. The digital and data marketing era is upon us. Multi-channel and bundled marketing with digital ads, email and social media are new solutions for exposure. No longer is there a need to wait for search position, digital reach is here and the brandng of the business name becomes first and foremost.

Information Acquisition

Combining all of the digital reach applications and solutions now available, it is now possible to steer online users to a business' website. With "call to actions" and "hooks" potential new customers can be driven to landing pages where contact information can be acquired with offers, discounts, free items. A name, phone number, email address and more can be captured. Once a business has that information, the power of customer conversion can begin.

Customer Conversion

The online visitor has submitted their information. Your business has received it, and with that, trust has been given and the customer conversion begins and building their loyalty. Having an effective response time along with specific content the prospective customer expects is critical. It is in this timeline where many business' falter with short branding times of merely a week or two. It takes diligence and effort, with periodic emails, phone calls over time until the branding process of weeks or months has effectively sold the customer and sales captured.

Apply the four foundations of internet marketing...
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If just one of the four fundamental steps of Internet Marketing is missing - the full process of storefront, exposure, acquisition and conversion (SEAC) is broken and results are doomed to fail, or, at the very best, disappointing expectations. To SEAC the success of your online internet marketing, contact me for a consultative plan to raise your web and foot traffic to greater levels than you've ever seen.

Your digital marketing where it's never gone before.
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