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Prospective Customer Acquisition

Combining all of the digital reach applications and solutions now available, it is now possible to steer online users to a business' website. With "call to actions" and "hooks" potential new customers can be driven to landing pages where contact information can be acquired with offers, discounts, free items. A name, phone number, email address and more can be captured. Once a business has that information, the power of customer conversion can begin.

While click-throughs and impressions have their place, the ultimate goal once web traffic has increased is for visitors to submit their information. Without prospective customer information, it is impossible to take proactive actions to compel visitors to become loyal customers and purchase products or services from your website.

Almost every location on your website and in your ad space a Call-to-Action should be placed. One of the biggest mistakes on websites, email ads and banner ads and all other ad formats is the absence of a Call-to-Action. Many times the website is top notch, the ad creative excellent, the landing page impressive, but the web visitor didn't fill out the form field, only because there was no Call-to-Action to "Click here for your free download," or your discount, or other types of offers.

There is Always a Reason to "Click Here"

Hooks – the reason to "click here." The "hook" is determined by the reason your web visitors would want to give you their information. If you are an automotive parts website, the pain to the visitor in your ad would be the need for the visitor to fix their car. The solution is to offer free video tutorials on do-it-yourself parts replacement. If you're a real estate brokerage website, the information wanted by the visitor who is searching for property in your area is available in a free search area simply by registering and dropping information into your landing page.

The Only Way to Determine Your Most Effective Campaigns is to Track

With SEO, web tracking code can be embedded in each website and in landing pages that is related to a particular campaign. A phone number, email address or even a particular landing page can be related to each campaign. This enhances your ability to put more dollars into the most effective campaigns, while reducing those with the lowest responses.

What to think about:

Landing Page, Call-to-Action, Hoods, Click Throughs, Impressions, Web Tracking Code

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